Being a Child Model

  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany any child model aged 21 or under.

  • No child model under the age of 18 will be offered a studio booking unless we have a contact number and email address for their parent.

  • In the event that an underage aspiring model turns up without a parent or guardian, we are obliged to inform the parent of the situation and will contact them to re-schedule the appointment.

All parents must be briefed on the style and content of any shoot prior to the shoot taking place. We understand that helping your child break into the modelling world can feel like a treacherous task. Be assured our team has a multitude of experience in the fashion & modelling industry. We are here to ensure that your child feels comfortable in this new environment and most importantly, we ensure you understand all aspects of modelling.

Below are some of the more popular questions parents of a potential child model ask. However, we welcome any further questions or concerns you may wish to ask prior to your child taking their first steps into a modelling career.

Accepting ages from 3 to 65
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Travel Expenses

A lot of enquiries are about travel. 'Who pays for the travel?', 'Do I have to pay, or is it covered by the agency or client?'
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Another topic that comes up a lot in the enquiries, is about travel. For paid modelling work travel expenses tend to be covered by either the client or the modelling agency that you are with. However, this isn’t a guarantee, for example film and TV extras very rarely pay for travel expenses. Before you end up booking a job, the details covering travel expenses will always be given to you. Some clients work by booking your travelling arrangements and telling you where you need to be and at what time, whereas some simply ask for receipts of travel and refund that. If travelling by car, the most common practice is to be paid a certain rate per mile.

It is against the law for a modelling agency to charge a joining fee because agencies take a commission from your wage to make their money. Child modelling however is different, and exempt from this law due to the legal administration required to sign a child model. Orange Models created this article to help parents who would like to put their child forward for a modelling career from an early age. It is important to understand that modelling is a job and the harder you work at it the more likely you are to do better in the industry. Should you have any questions or concerns on how to get into modelling, Orange Models are just a call away and are always happy to help.

A good agency will give you all the information required, including; What brand the shoot is promoting, the style of the shoot, how long the shoot is likely to last, where the shoot is taking place, how much the assignment pays, what percentage their commission is, what travelling expenses are included, if the job is likely to last more than one day, which hotel the model and their parent/guardian will be accommodated in.

We can help you to get your child model off to a great start quickly, Orange Models has years and years of contacts within the industry. If we believe your child is ready to take on the modelling world, we will happily provide you with guidance and advice on how to apply to child modelling agencies. We will also more than happily provide you with a contact list of trusted and respected modelling agencies. Not to mention, offer you advice on any agencies you may discover, as well as check any contracts you may have to sign.

It is rare these days that a child will be offered an exclusivity contract, the only agencies that tend to offer them are the high end modelling agencies. Which means that your child could be signed to multiple agencies at any given time, which is beneficial as it increases potential castings and work. It also gives you free reign to also source freelance modelling work for your child too. <br>There are many strict laws, rules and regulations surrounding child modelling in order to protect them and their health, such as being accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Another strict law is that a child under the age of 16 is forbidden to work more than four hours at a time.

Child modelling is the only category of modelling where there is truly no judgment about the child’s height size or shape. In reality the only true child modelling requirement is that the child is happy and healthy and good mannered.